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Camí Sa Caleta, s/n – Son Oleo – Urb. Son Blanc.   07760 – Palma de Mallorca

Tel.: 971 382 174

E-mail: avarquespjtr@gmail.com

Web: www.avarcasnaturalesdemenorca.com

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  1. Your advice works, I want you to know. As soon as you slow down the dogs leave you alone. All bark baby. I tried this after rdeniag your article.And sometimes if you make it known that you see them first they lose interest and don’t put up a chase. Although, I DID get bit the other day coming around a curve on an absolutely awful Peruvian dirt road. It was my own fault though, because I got pissed and tried to kick the dog, after I almost fell. I missed and it was a love bite at best and all was well with the world.

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